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Butterfly Biology and Wonderful Wildflowers-NEW!

Butterfly Biology and Wonderful Wildflowers-NEW!

Instructor: George Locascio
Course time(s): 48031 SEE 284-10: T/W, 5/28-6/12, 10:00 am-12:00 pm, 6 wks
Seats open
This 2 hour per week, six-week course investigates the biology of one of the most charismatic insects, butterflies. We will also hone our plant identification skills to identify the plants from which butterflies get their nutrients. The course begins with classroom lecture-based learning and hands on laboratory experience identifying plant herbarium specimens and pinned insect specimens. We then move our skills outdoors to conduct plant and insect field identification at three different sites.

Registration for this summer workshop starts 4/16.

Topics covered:
  *   Butterfly and insect biology
  *   Butterflies a bio-indicators
  *   Plant biology
  *   Insect orders and characteristics
  *   Common plant family characteristics
  *   Insect and plant conservation
  *   Herbarium exploration, in person and online
  *   Insect exploration, in person and online
  *   Field identification techniques of plants and insects at three field sites

Potential field trip sites:
  *   Energy park
  *   GCC main campus
  *   Catamount state forest
  *   Mt Toby
  *   East Leverett Meadow

Materials needed:
  *   Newcomb’s wildflower guide (Book)
  *   Butterfly nets
  *   Personal Transportation to field trip locations