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Time Management for Managers

Time Management for Managers

Instructor: EANE instructor
Course time(s): WFD 669-8 Th, 12/17, 8:30 am–4:30 pm, 1 session
Seats open
Managing your time, people, and daunting workload can seem overwhelming! Your unending leadership demands can collide with time’s finite nature. How can you accomplish your tasks and responsibilities and still have time to recharge? It’s a huge challenge! This workshop will help you best the time management challenge by learning both time and people management techniques. (Class #1 - Understanding Your Leadership Role must be taken prior to enrolling in this class individually).
Are you spending your precious time doing what’s truly important or are you stuck in the proverbial weeds of frenetic non-value add activities? The Time Management for Managers workshop will also help you discern what’s truly important versus what’s simply urgent. Next, we’ll explore your core values and long term goals. Do they align? Misaligned values and goals and activities can trigger stress and job burnout. How well do you manage your schedule and tasks? We’ll discuss techniques for effectively managing the most demanding schedule of tasks and activities. The next technique to time mastery is your people management skills. How well do you delegate? Are you developing your employees so you can delegate with confidence and free some of your time?