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The Return of the Eastern Wild Turkey

The Return of the Eastern Wild Turkey

Instructor: Presenter: Joe Judd
Course time(s): 42355 SEE 263-10: W, 3/21, 2:00–4:00 pm
Seats open
Senior Symposia classes are offered to ages 50 and older. Unless otherwise noted, all classes take place at GCC's downtown building, 270 Main Street in Greenfield.
The restoration of the wild turkey is one of the shining stories in the natural history of Massachusetts and one of the state’s most successful game management programs of the last half century. In the early 1970’s there were essentially no wild turkeys in Massachusetts. Joe Judd’s presentation will include how the birds were reintroduced in Massachusetts, how they were trapped and released in other areas of the state once their numbers began to grow and how the future of the wild turkey is not being taken for granted. His slide presentation will illustrate much of what a wild turkey’s life cycle is: from the hatch to maturity. In addition Joe will demonstrate several of his favorite turkey calls.