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ENCORE PRESENTATION: The “Deep History” of Franklin County

ENCORE PRESENTATION: The “Deep History” of Franklin County

Instructor: Presenter: Richard Little
Course time(s): 42409 SEE 255-10: W, 1/31, 2:00–4:00 pm
Seats open
Senior Symposia classes are offered to ages 50 and older. Unless otherwise noted, all classes take place at GCC's downtown building, 270 Main Street in Greenfield.
Back by popular demand. The “deep history” of Franklin County and vicinity, from Poet’s Seat to deep holes in the Connecticut River bed, is a geological story of drifting continents, towering mountains, volcanoes, and continental ice sheets over a half billion years. Rich Little will trace that dramatic history and explain how prominent local sites and our familiar landscape came to be, including the prominent role played by Lake Hitchcock, which was created as the last glacier melted 18,000 years ago. He will bring samples of rare Mesozoic armored mud balls he discovered. Participants are encouraged to bring their own local rock samples for identification. Biography: Richard Little has an M.A. degree from the University of Southern California. He is Professor Emeritus at GCC, where he taught geology and oceanography for over 45 years. Little has written two books and produced two DVDs on Connecticut Valley geology. He continues to teach part-time and to lead “Fantastic Landscape Tours” to amazing geologic sites, mostly on the North American tectonic plate