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Crime and Punishment in the US

Crime and Punishment in the US

Instructor: Revan Schendler
Course time(s): CSW 830-2 M/Th, 9/28–12/14, 6:00 –7:45 pm
Seats open
An examination of a variety of perspectives on crime and punishment in U.S. society--from personal testimonies to historical accounts, from statistical reports and articles to documentary film and popular media. This interdisciplinary course is appropriate for a wide variety of students in social sciences, criminal justice, humanities, and the arts. Its aim is to cultivate a transformative conversation between students of diverse backgrounds. Topics include: History of incarceration in the U.S., the economics of the contemporary prison system, gender and incarceration, concepts of retributive and restorative justice, race and the legacies of slavery, enfranchisement and education, and shifting attitudes towards crime and punishment. Classes meet at the Franklin County House of Correction (FCHC)in Greenfield.
Take a class INSIDE the Greenfield Jail! Join a unique discussion that brings together community members, GCC students, and men who are incarcerated at the jail. Based on the international Inside Out Prison Exchange Program (, the class explores such topics as race and the legacies of slavery, the economics of the contemporary prison system, gender, and restorative justice. For security reasons, participants must go through a screening process. Please contact the instructor at This is the credit-free offering of SOC 108. The price of this workshop is $435. For more information about blended learning classes go to: