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An introduction to Voiceovers: Getting Started in Voice Acting

An introduction to Voiceovers: Getting Started in Voice Acting

Instructor: Voices for All
Course time(s): 42517 CSW 572-1 Anytime (via Skype or iChat), 1 session/90 minutes
Seats open

Are people always telling you that you have a great voice? Do you often find yourself listening to your favorite audiobook, commercial or cartoon character and thinking, “I could do that”? If so, then you could have what it takes to begin working as a professional Voiceover Artist.

Fun, online class to get started in Professional Voice Acting, covering some of the many details of the industry. Receive a professional voice evaluation. This class is taught by a professional voice actor from the voice acting training company, Voices For All.

Being a Voiceover Artist is an enjoyable and rewarding job! The current Voiceover trends have made it easy and affordable for just about anyone to get involved. In this fun and empowering 90 minute Introductory workshop, you will learn about the different types of voiceovers and what tools are needed in order to find success in the voiceover industry. Your instructor will coach you in this One-on-One, video chat setting as you read from real scripts, taking notes on your performance so you can receive a professional voice evaluation later.